VELUX atika: the optimizing house

Velux, danish company world leader in roof windows, sets itself apart once again with this 100% sustainable home at the Milan Fair Grounds RHO as a follow up on the presentation of atika at the Renzo Piano’s Auditorium Music Park in Rome in 2008. The core idea of the VELUX atika initiative is to optimize climactic and latitudinal characteristics through solar control, the control of light and natural ventilation which in turn allow an increase in living confort and energy saving in the home. Optimizing is the philosophy throughout the duration of the Milan event. With this in mind, VELUX has chosen the following important collaborating partners which have contributed in the atika initiative with their most innovative products to date: Fiat - “natural power” automobiles, Cascina Bollate - garden project, Cotto D’Este - kerlite plus (materials for architecture), Modulnova - kitchen and bathroom project using kerlite.

Furniture design by STHANDIER DESIGN for VELUX atika: the optimizing house.